Green Security Solutions

promo with correct dateWhether you’re conscientious about the environment or have targets to meet, Abloy’s range of ‘green’ security solutions can help you achieve your goals.

A ‘green’ security solution is one that is specifically tailored to save energy especially when compared to its closest competitor.

Within our product range we have three very notable examples:-


Our wireless access control system that is powered entirely by batteries, reducing your total energy costs and emissions.  Additionally it eliminates the need to carry out expensive installations and lasts up to 2 years with 30,000 operations

Abloy CLIQ RemoteCliq Doodle preview

Is also powered by batteries and the battery within the key itself is estimated to last at least 20,000 operations or two years battery life. All the power itself is contained in the key so electricity is not needed on site. This can be especially useful for remote sites that require high security without the cost or damage to the environment associated with investing in power infrastructure.

Also available is the Abloy CLIQ mobile PD unit which connects to most mobile phones, meaning that end-users can update their keys ‘on the move’ via bluetooth, enabling them to grant access to remote users, and update access rights where necessary.

Electric Locks vs. Magnetic LocksProducts-elmech-electric lock

Compared to electromagnetic locks, Abloy’s range of electric locks have a greater degree of energy efficiency.

This is due to the very nature of the products;

An Abloy electric lock only uses electricity when it is being used, i.e. someone entering or exiting through the door, while magnetic locks however require a constant supply of electricity to work even when the door isn’t being used.

So to see how efficient security can impact on energy and increase security, contact


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